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Childbirth after cancer: a new breakthrough?

Deciding to start or build upon a family after cancer is a difficult decision, for many reasons – especially if you’ve gone through certain treatments. In the main, pregnancy after cancer treatment is safe for both mother and baby: the medical community is in agreement that pregnancy does not seem to raise the odds of […]

Your chances of undergoing breast cancer chemotherapy just got smaller

Data presented at the world’s biggest meeting of cancer doctors and scientists at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago has caused a stir amongst the worldwide cancer treatment community, and for good reason: its findings on trials of a genetic test that analyses the danger of a tumour have […]

The breast screening computer error: what you need to know

If you’ve been worried about the recent news about an IT error which meant that 450,000 women in England aged 70 to 79 were not informed about crucial breast cancer screenings, you’re not alone: there are fears that as many as 270 women may have died because of a computer error. And according to a […]

Breast cancer treatment and heart damage: is it worth worrying about?

It’s a sad fact that many of the breast cancer therapies currently available can cause heart damage, but a new study conducted by the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg has provided some good news. According to their report, the risk of death from heart disease in breast cancer patients following radiotherapy or chemotherapy is […]

Coming soon – a pee test for breast cancer?

A lot of us have been familiar with a take-home urine test when we suspect we’re pregnant – and some of us have undergone a urine test at work – but how would we feel about a pee test for breast cancer? Thanks to a medical company in Japan, that prospect could be a reality […]

Radiotherapy: is it time to lower the dose?

For thousands of women with breast cancer, radiotherapy is a necessary evil. As well as killing off cancer cells, it brings myriad side-effects, including fatigue, hair loss, diarrhoea and loss of appetite. Sometimes, when a high dose of radiation is deployed, the effects are severe. However, a recent study claims that targeted treatments of radiotherapy […]

Could mindfulness help you cope with cancer?

There has been much coverage of the concept of mindfulness and its importance as a remedy for all manner of modern-day ailments. But what about when your entire life has been knocked out of kilter by a breast cancer diagnosis? In a nutshell, mindfulness involves focusing upon what is occurring in the here and now: […]

The stress and breast cancer link: there’s no such thing…is there?

A disturbing conclusion from a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of the World Cancer Research Fund: half of Britons polled think that stress can cause cancer, even though there is no scientific evidence to support that belief. The survey, which attempted to divine the general public’s knowledge of what does and does not cause […]

Home testing for breast cancer risks: coming soon?

We’re used to the idea of testing for pregnancy in the comfort of our own bathrooms, but would you be comfortable with testing your risk of breast cancer without consulting a surgeon? That possibility may be with us sooner rather than later if news emanating from the USA is anything to go by: a test for […]

Are we getting blasé about cancer screening?

We’re always keen to promote good news, but three recent news stories have surfaced all at once which need to be discussed. The first report: figures released by NHS Digital confirmed that the numbers of smear tests being carried out in the UK have reached a twenty-year low, having fallen across all age groups. The […]