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New research points the way to earlier breast cancer detection

Another month, another vital discovery in the fight against cancer: a collaboration between the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, the Baylor College of Medicine Waco, Texas and Canada’s University of British Columbia has detected a link between certain DNA mutations and a high risk of relapse in oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer, […]

Breast cancer terminology: is it time to stop the fight?

We all know the language that gets used about cancer. It’s an ‘enemy’. We ‘fight’ it. Hopefully we can ‘defeat’ it and become a ‘survivor’. And those who don’t ‘lose their battle’. A lot of people are happy to use this language – or at least don’t question the logic of it – but a […]

More fruit and veg may reduce the risk of breast cancer

The Five-A-Day campaign is probably the most well-known of our government’s health campaigns so, in that respect, the most successful. However, since its introduction in 2003, we’re still only eating only three and a half portions of fruit and vegetables a day on average. But, now there’s even more reason to up your fruit and […]

FAQ: Chemotherapy and hair loss

You might not be aware of the importance of your hair to your self image and state of mind until you face the prospect of losing it and, in fact, both men and women note that hair loss is one of the side effects that they worry about most when they are diagnosed with cancer. […]

Breast cancer screening: the pros and cons

Breast cancer screening aims to identify signs that breast cancer is developing, spotting breast cancers early when they are often too small to see or feel but are usually easier to treat. One in eight women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life and the UK breast […]

Childbirth after cancer: a new breakthrough?

Deciding to start or build upon a family after cancer is a difficult decision, for many reasons – especially if you’ve gone through certain treatments. In the main, pregnancy after cancer treatment is safe for both mother and baby: the medical community is in agreement that pregnancy does not seem to raise the odds of […]

Your chances of undergoing breast cancer chemotherapy just got smaller

Data presented at the world’s biggest meeting of cancer doctors and scientists at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago has caused a stir amongst the worldwide cancer treatment community, and for good reason: its findings on trials of a genetic test that analyses the danger of a tumour have […]

The breast screening computer error: what you need to know

If you’ve been worried about the recent news about an IT error which meant that 450,000 women in England aged 70 to 79 were not informed about crucial breast cancer screenings, you’re not alone: there are fears that as many as 270 women may have died because of a computer error. And according to a […]

Breast cancer treatment and heart damage: is it worth worrying about?

It’s a sad fact that many of the breast cancer therapies currently available can cause heart damage, but a new study conducted by the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg has provided some good news. According to their report, the risk of death from heart disease in breast cancer patients following radiotherapy or chemotherapy is […]

Coming soon – a pee test for breast cancer?

A lot of us have been familiar with a take-home urine test when we suspect we’re pregnant – and some of us have undergone a urine test at work – but how would we feel about a pee test for breast cancer? Thanks to a medical company in Japan, that prospect could be a reality […]