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The top cancer treatment breakthroughs of 2017

It’s fair to say that 2017 was a very good year in the field of cancer research, with a great many breakthroughs and developments – and now is as good a time as any to take a look back at what happened over the last year. Palbociclib and Ribociclib finally approved by the NHS After […]

Should overweight women be screened more often?

If you need a reason – another reason – to keep tabs on your weight, a recent study from Sweden has provided just that: according to the report, cancerous breast lumps are less likely to be detected in overweight or obese women before the tumour becomes large, sparking a call for more breast cancer screening […]

Palbociclib and Ribociclib finally approved by the NHS

The big medical news of last month was the green-lighting by the NHS of two new drugs designed to treat advanced breast cancer, meaning that approximately 8,000 sufferers in the UK will be given an extra edge in their fight against the disease. After negotiating prices for the treatments – after feeling the initial pricings […]

Having a double mastectomy? Have a party too

None of us would ever know how we’d deal with a high risk of breast cancer, but this one is new to us: a woman from Leicestershire commemorated her double mastectomy and subsequent breast replacement treatment by throwing not one but two parties. Sally Chapman, a teacher from Hinckley, was diagnosed as a carrier of […]

How surviving cancer can be a battle in itself

The good news: you have a far better chance of surviving a bout with cancer than you ever had before at any other time in history. And many people have. They announce they’ve been given the all-clear, close friends and family bombard them with congratulations, and everyone else they know gives them a thumbs-up on […]

DCIS: It pays to check early and often

Here at Thames Breast Clinic, we’ve been keeping tabs on the European Cancer Congress – the annual meeting of cancer care experts from across the continent – because many studies and findings discovered over the year are released there. One that certainly caught our attention was the announcement that women treated for very early signals […]

Mastectomy v Lumpectomy: which works best?

A recent study from the Netherlands – which claims that women with early stage breast cancer have higher survival rates if they forgo a mastectomy and undergo breast-conserving surgery instead – has attracted a lot of media attention. The study – which assessed the medical records of 130,000 Dutch breast cancer patients, making it the […]

Why emotional support is essential during breast cancer

Two recent news stories from very diverse sources – one from a medical magazine in America and one from a railway toilet in Leeds – have underlined something we’ve been aware of for a very long time: when you get into a fight with breast cancer, you need your mates to back you up. According […]

The double mastectomy: an FAQ

This recent news report – which claims that the rate of women opting to undergo a double mastectomy has soared in recent years – is an excellent excuse to talk about CPM – contralateral prophylactic mastectomy, or more accurately, risk reducing mastectomy (RRM) While it can be a necessary procedure when cancer has spread to […]