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Hair dye and breast cancer: is there a link?

A recent study conducted by a London-based surgeon has attracted a lot of attention in the medical community, and caused alarm amongst anyone who has put a tint in their hair. According to the study, frequent hair-dyeing has been linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer – with an estimated 14 percent rise […]

AI used to detect breast cancer in the US

We’ve heard a lot about the dangers of artificial intelligence and the negative impact it could have on our lives, but research from the US demonstrates that it could have seriously positive effects when it comes to breast cancer detection. The research, conducted by scientists at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Computer Science and Artificial […]

Can yoga reduce the side-effects of breast cancer treatment?

We’re all aware of the beneficial effects of yoga: that it’s been clinically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and hypertension, as well as having the ability to lessen symptoms of depression, headaches and diabetes. But is there anything in the idea that it can benefit cancer survivors, too? A recent study conducted […]

Is there a link between obesity and breast cancer?

We all know about the obesity crisis and its myriad knock-on effects to both our personal health and national economy. And we’re particularly aware of the link between obesity and cancer. But what about breast cancer? There are three reasons why obesity causes cancer which are commonly agreed upon by the medical community. Obesity increases […]

Should yearly mammograms start at 40?

Here in the UK, women aren’t usually invited to take regular mammograms until they reach the age of 50, and it’s been that way for years. However, a recent study from New York makes a solid case for women to start breast screening at a much earlier age. According to the study, conducted by Weill […]

Male breast cancer FAQ

Breast cancer in men is a rare occurrence: recent figures demonstrate that while 1 in 8 women can develop breast cancer, only 1 in 1,000 men is likely to contract it over their lifetime. However, due to the stigma associated with contracting something that is typically – and erroneously – seen as a ‘female’ ailment […]

Spreading the word about cooling caps

It may be termed as a side-effect amongst the medical community at best – and a necessary evil at worst – but there’s no denying the distress and trauma that is caused by chemotherapy alopecia. Research published by the United States National Library of Medicine found that almost 50 per cent of women named hair […]

Socialising boosts your chances of recovery

According to new research conducted by the National Human Genome Research Institute and the University of Oxford which has looked into the social habits – or lack of them – of cancer patients – those that get out and mingle with other people with cancer have better survival prospects than those who do not interact […]

New test for low-risk patients may cut out the chemo

Chemotherapy: we know how effective it can be. But we also know what an ordeal it can be, too. Which is why a recent report published in the journal JAMA Oncology may have extremely positive implications for thousands of breast cancer patients. According to the report, the University of California have developed a new test […]

Simple exercise can fend off breast cancer, claims study

We’re all aware of the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet – even we don’t partake in either. But studies presented at a cancer conference hammered home the point by demonstrating that there is a link between exercise and breast cancer and a healthy fitness regime can improve survival rates for cancer sufferers. One […]